The story is about a young man who went through the darkest regime and walked away from the grave. After his parents die during the regime and after he ventures out of the country into the refugee camp experiencing the darkest of night, armed robbery and crossing the armed observation post. He endured the year of hardship in the camp and has settled in a third world country as he wishes. As an orphan he has to work full time and learn English to survive. He resettled in the United State with nothing in his pocket but with his determination to succeed he worked over 12 hours a day for 19 years before taking his first vacation. There are many tragic events through his life journey, the arm robbery and the LA riot but with his resilience he strives and succeeds. He started the one and only Khmer Television ( in southern California broadcasting over the public airwave free to a community that had never seen a Khmer Language Television before. He is solely running multiple businesses and owns several properties in California and Arizona. He is happily married to his wife with a son and a granddaughter.

In An Orphan of the Killing Fields, he retells his incredible life journey, the challenges he faced, and how he was able to find success on his own merit. His mantra is “Play Dumb you Learn, Play Dead you Live and the power of A.S.K. will make you successful.”

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